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thoecarter (@thoecarter)
6 months ago

It's crucial to comprehend the male reproductive system because it can help determine whether or not things are functioning properly. You and your spouse need to consider the potential of infertility if you've been trying to get pregnant but are having trouble. This obligation frequently rests with the woman, although male infertility is more prevalent than many people are aware of. Over a third of all cases of infertility have a male factor. This does not imply that you are sterile; rather, it indicates that there is a difficulty with either sperm delivery or production. The good news is that there is hope, and we'll address that specific subject in this article: can the Best Urologist in Punjab help with low sperm count?

Male infertility signs:

Male infertility is the condition in which a man has either a low sperm count, a low sperm motility, or both. Keep a look out for some of the following signs of male infertility if you're having problems conceiving: 

  1. Being unable to conceive
  2. Hormonal irregularities
  3. Ejaculation is difficult Only small amounts of fluid can be ejected.
  4. Decreased sexual arousal
  5. Erection problems
  6. Having discomfort, oedema, or a bump near the testicles
  7. Being unable to smell
  8. Gynecomastia (abnormal breast development)
  9. Reduced body or facial hair
  10. Abnormally low sperm count

Consult your urologist if you experience any of the aforementioned signs or symptoms. Visiting your urologist frequently can assist ensure that everything is operating as it should.

Low Sperm Count Causes: 

You could have a low sperm count for several different causes. Sperm production depends on healthy biological processes, many of which are susceptible to disruption or disturbance. The following are the main reasons for low sperm count.

Difficulties with sperm:

The most frequent reasons for low sperm count or poor sperm motility are sperm abnormalities.

Your body will generate sperm with abnormal shapes, motility issues, oligospermia (a very low sperm count), or azoospermia if you have a sperm abnormality. Sperm abnormalities may be inherited or acquired as a result of lifestyle decisions.

Backward Ejaculation:

This happens when there are issues with the bladder's nerves and muscles, causing semen to go back into your body.

1 When you climax, either no sperm or very little sperm is discharged into the vagina. There are many different causes of retrograde ejaculation, therefore there are many different treatments that can be used.


Few sperm will reach the vagina if the release of all of them is entirely inhibited. This makes conception extremely challenging, but the barrier can generally be removed to solve the problem. Always consult a urologist to gain a better understanding of what's going on because the degree of your sperm count will depend on whether you have a full or partial blockage.


Low sperm count can result from hormonal abnormalities because the male reproductive system is controlled by hormones. Visit your urologist for testing if you experience any symptoms of low testosterone or simply don't feel like yourself.

Final Word:

To conclude, we can only encourage you to visit Best Urologist in Ludhiana to get these thoughts about these diseases out of your mind.

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