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Jason Brown (@vitutors)
4 months ago

A student's success is all about preparation. The better one prepares, the better one gets. Normally, students you see on merit lists, getting better opportunities, winning Questbridge National College Match scholarships, etc., are the ones who shaped their preparations well. Every student puts effort into preparations. But why aren't the results the same? What is there that turns out as a difference? Well, there are a few mistakes that students make during preparations that alter the outcome.

Not Focusing on Different Departments:

Students and their parents need to understand that academic excellence is not the only department you need. There are a few more things that you need to achieve. For instance, learning skills like time management, critical thinking, decision making, rational & logical planning, etc., has a bigger impact on your preparations. They will eventually help students attain more academically and otherwise.

Not Able to Take Off the Pressure:

There is a big difference between staying focused and forcing yourself into something. Non-stop practice, not being able to do something else, etc., could put students under a lot of pressure. Students sometimes fail to identify these loopholes in their preparations. As a result, halfway they broke down, or on D-day, they couldn't perform as expected. All of these issues can be handled well. For instance, students can prepare a better preparation schedule that doesn't put them in hot lavas. In such conditions, setting daily goals according to individual abilities is always better.

Not Choosing Guidance:

In these matters, it is always better to go with online tutoring agencies and tutors. Many students ignore the need for tutors and tutoring agencies. They prepare study plans, routines, goals, etc., on their own. There is nothing wrong with it. But there's a missing element, i.e., experience. The experience of tutors always turns out to be a plus point for students. Tutors know what you need to add to your preparations for your complete well-being and success. Therefore, not choosing guidance from the best tutors is an insignificant mistake. To avoid it, make sure to find the best tutor.

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