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Max Henry (@maxhenry)
4 months ago

Is your wedding just around the corner? Are you confused about whether you should invest in a wedding guest book for your wedding? A wedding guest book is a great investment to make before your wedding if you truly want to keep the memories with you for several years to come. People will surely compliment you and give you lots of blessings on the day of your wedding. But it is not possible to retain all of them in your memory. However, wedding guestbooks make this possible as you can go back to the wishes your loved ones gave you on your special day. Let’s learn more about wedding guest books.

Get it personalized

If you are getting your wedding guest book from the right website, it will help you customize it using the initials and your wedding date. So, it will look truly personalized and will remind you of your special day every single time you see it.

Purchase two or more

If you just get a single wedding guest book, guests may have to wait for a long time to leave their message. Instead, you should set up two tables with two different wedding guest books so that everyone gets a chance to jot down their wishes.

Encourage pictures

A great idea is to keep Polaroid cameras on some tables so that your family or friends can click pictures of the special day and post those Polaroid pictures in the personalised wedding guest book. These raw pictures will surely hold a lot of value.

Make it a tradition

Guest books are not just meant for weddings. Instead, you can make it a tradition and get guest books whenever there is a special occasion in your family. If it is someone’s engagement party, birthday, or anniversary, you can get a guest book for it.

Memories for years to come

The guestbook will hold so many memories that you can look back to on every wedding anniversary, or simply any day when you miss the special day that you enjoyed with your friends and family members.

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Original source: https://bit.ly/3Th790K

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