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Robert Brwon (@janylin)
11 days ago

Are you planning a construction project in the Finchley area? Whether it's a new home, extension, driveway, or any other type of build, one of the biggest material costs is concrete. The traditional way is to order ready-mixed concrete from a plant and have it delivered to your site by truck. However, there's another option that can save you a lot of money and it is mixing concrete right at the construction site itself using an on-site batching plant. 

What is On-Site Concrete Batching?

Raw materials such as cement, sand, gravel, and water are delivered separately to your construction site with on-site concrete batching. The on site mix concrete method enables the production of fresh concrete directly on the site, instead of relying on ready-mixed concrete deliveries. Further, these materials are precisely measured out and then mixed at the job site itself in a specialised piece of equipment called a concrete batching plant or mixer. 

The plant is either a larger permanent installation or a compact, portable system that can be easily relocated from site to site. The concrete is produced in exact quantities needed, ensuring less waste compared to ready-mixed deliveries. As the concrete is mixed on-demand at your location, there are no delivery delays or truck queues to worry about either.

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How Does It Save You Money?

Through several ways, batching concrete on-site reduces costs for construction projects in Finchley and surrounding areas:

1. Lower Material Costs

When you order ready-mixed concrete from a plant, you pay for the concrete itself plus delivery fees that factor in transport costs like fuel, driver wages, etc. You only pay for the raw materials delivered to your door with on-site mixing. The cement, sand, and aggregates used are also generally cheaper than the premixed concrete.

2. Less Wastage 

Ready-mixed concrete has a limited working time of 1-2 hours before it starts to set and harden. Batching on-site allows you to produce exactly the amount required for each phase of work. Further, any excess concrete is wasted with ready-mix deliveries.

3. No Waiting Times or Vehicle Hire

Ordering from a concrete plant requires scheduling deliveries during busy periods and there may be wait times if multiple trucks arrive simultaneously. On-site mixing eliminates waiting times. You also avoid paying hire costs for truck chutes/line pumps for placing the concrete.

4. Lower Transport Costs

Rather than multiple ready-mix trucks driving to your Finchley site, only a single delivery of the separate raw materials is required. This significantly reduces transport and fuel expenses.

5. More Control

By going for the option of an on-site plant, you have complete control over concrete production schedules and mixes for different applications instead of being bound by the plant's schedule.

The Cost Savings

How much can on-site concrete mixing actually save you over ready-mixed deliveries? The exact figure depends on your project's size and location, but typical savings range from 15% to as high as 40% in some cases.

For example, let's say you need 200 cubic meters of concrete for a job in Finchley. The average ready-mixed rate is currently £120 per cubic meter including delivery. That's a total cost of £24,000. 

The raw material cost may be around £80 per cubic meter plus plant rental fees with on-site mixing using a rental batching plant. Even assuming £5,000 for plant hire, your total spend would be £21,000 and savings of £3,000 or over 12.5%. For larger projects requiring 500+ cubic meters, the savings percentage is usually higher due to lower plant hire costs relative to the batched concrete volume.

Setting Up an On-Site Concrete Plant

While the cost benefits are clear, setting up a concrete batching plant on your Finchley site does require some planning and organisation:


You'll need to allocate a suitable area for the plant and storage of raw materials like cement, sand, and aggregates. The necessary space depends on the size of the plant hired and the level of production.

Plant Selection 

There are different types and models of batching plants ranging from larger static installations to compact, portable units. The right plant depends on your concrete needs, lot size, labour requirements, and budget.

Material Sourcing

You'll need to arrange for delivery of the cement, sand, and coarse aggregates to your site from local suppliers. Having realistic estimates of material quantities is important.

Labour & Logistics

Operating the plant requires manpower which can add costs if you need to hire specialty staff. You'll also need to manage material inventory and scheduling of deliveries to ensure continuous concrete production.

Despite the extra logistics involved, on-site concrete mixing can lead to significant cost savings over ready-mix concrete deliveries, especially for larger construction projects in Finchley. The key to realising these savings lies in detailed planning to ensure an efficient setup.

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Getting Professional Assistance

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect of establishing your own temporary concrete plant, don't worry some professionals can assist. Specialised contractors provide turnkey on-site concrete mixing solutions where they manage every aspect of plant set-up, material procurement, logistics, and operations.

While hiring a contractor does increase costs compared to doing everything yourself, their management expertise and economies of scale ensure you still receive better pricing than ready-mixed concrete. They handle all the headaches so you can focus on your actual construction work.


Whether you take the DIY route or engage professional services, on-site concrete mixing using a batching plant is worth considering for your next Finchley construction project. The potential cost savings over ready-mixed deliveries are just too big to ignore, especially for medium and large-scale jobs. Lastly, by choosing the mix on site concrete Finchley option you get an affordable solution that can significantly reduce your material expenses with proper planning. 

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